A Horse-Drawn Wagon Tour

Carriage Rides Through Time

History and Horses, Can it Get Any Better Than This?

We are a family owned business that provides the historic wagon tour at Andrew Jackson's Hermitage.   

 We strive to accurately share the stories of the enslaved people with guests visiting Andrew Jackson's Hermitage. 

 In keeping their stories alive we honor them and ensure they will never be forgotten.

Not only is history important to us so are our employees and our horses.

Please let us introduce them to you!

Jade, pictured with Kohanna

Jade - Is the newest two-legged member of our team! Jade fits like a glove. We are so proud to have her be a part of Carriage Rides Through Time. She has a hunger to learn and desire to always improve. Be sure to ask her about her other hobby, mounted archery!

Don and Mark, pictured with Molly

Also known as the dynamic duo!

Don (left) - has been with us for 3 seasons and is known as our comic relief at the barn. He's always good for a smile and a laugh.

Mark (right) - has been with us for 3 seasons also and says this is the only job he has enjoyed since retiring. We are lucky to have both of these men as part of our team for another season!


Our senior wagon driver has been with us since the beginning not only giving tours but also caring for the horses. If you visit on the weekend you will have the privilege of learning about the enslaved families from a seasoned professional!


We want to extend our sincere congratulation to Ms Diane.  Her equine massage business has really taken off and she is leaving us for greener pastures.  We couldn't be more proud.  Diane may be seen from time to time out in the field working on one of our horses. That's right horses get massage therapy!

Kohanna and Sophie

Kohanna (left) - a Spotted Draft gelding who joined our family as a yearling. We have enjoyed watching him grow into an amazing carriage horse. He is steady and sure of himself and quite beautiful if you don't mind my saying!

Sophie (right) - a Percheron mare that is honestly the favorite among most of us. Sophie is also one of our original horses at Andrew Jackson's Hermitage. She is probably the best horse I've ever had the privilege of having in my family. 

Molly and Dolly

Dolly (left) - A Belgian mare who actually belongs to our veterinarian but we love her like she is ours. She's the blond beauty with a sassy attitude to go with all that blond! Dolly would prefer to stay in the pasture all day or let Molly pull the whole carriage when she is working!

Molly (right) - A Percheron mare is one of our first horses at Andrew Jackson's Hermitage.  She's been pulling the carriage since 2009, you might say she could give the tour if she could talk!